Utah Department of Health Health Insurance Program Summaries

Utah’s Premium Partnership for Health Insurance (UPP)

UPP (pronounced “up”) helps working individuals and families pay their monthly health insurance premiums. If an employee’s company offers health insurance, qualified individuals and families will receive monthly reimbursements for the cost of their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. If qualified, UPP will pay up to $150 per adult and up to $100 per child each month. In order to qualify for UPP, individuals must:

· Not currently have health insurance

· Be able to enroll in an employer’s health plan

· Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident

· Meet specific household income guidelines

To learn more about UPP, visit www.health.utah.gov/upp or call 1-888-222-2542.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP is a state health insurance plan for children who do not have other health insurance. Many children who qualify for CHIP come from working families. Depending on income and family size, uninsured Utah families may qualify. For example, a family of four earning up to $41,300 a year may be eligible. Once approved, CHIP covers well-child exams, immunizations, dental care, hearing and eye exams, and more. In addition, children must be:

· Under age 19

· U.S. citizen or legal resident

Eligible families can call 1-877-KIDS-NOW for an application, apply online at www.health.utah.gov/chip, or apply in person at a local Department of Workforce Services office.

Primary Care Network

Primary Care Network (PCN)

PCN is primary preventive health coverage for adults. PCN benefits include physician services, prescriptions, dental services, eye exams, emergency room visits, emergency medical transportation, birth control and general preventive services. Eligible adults who meet the following requirements may qualify:

· Age 19 through 64

· U.S. citizens or legal residents

· Not covered by other health insurance

· Meet income guidelines (i.e. a family of 4 with a maximum income of $30,975 per year)

· Not qualified for Medicaid or have access to student health insurance, Medicare or Veterans benefits

Applications are only accepted during open enrollment periods. For more information visit www.health.utah.gov/pcn or call the PCN hotline at 1-888-222-2542.

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