Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I purchase travel insurance for my vacation?

A. You've saved, you've waited, and now you're all set to go on vacation. Preparing for your trip includes covering yourself for unfortunate occurrences that threaten to interfere with even your best-laid plans. By purchasing travel insurance, you can insure yourself for covered cancellation penalties, medical costs, baggage delays, as well as gain access to a wide range of traveler's assistance services.

Did you know that travel insurance could cover you if:

· Someone in your immediate family has an illness or injury, even if they aren't scheduled to travel with you

· You become ill and can't travel or your child comes down with the chicken pox and you are quarantined

· Weather prevents you from leaving home and reaching your destination

· A family member back home passes away and you must return from your vacation early

· Your luggage is delayed by the airline

· You twist your ankle and must visit a physician while traveling

· Many other unforeseeable events as listed in the Description of Coverage

Q. What does it cover?
A. The travel insurance plan offered includes coverage for the following:

Trip Cancellation & Interruption:

Covers your trip investment if you must cancel or interrupt your trip for covered reasons such as sickness, injury or death to you, your traveling companion or a family member; severe weather; required to serve on jury duty or if your principal residence is made uninhabitable.

Travel Delay:

Reimburses for reasonable additional expenses if delayed for 12 hours due to covered reasons.

Baggage Delay:

If your baggage is delayed for more than 24 hours, you will be reimbursed for the purchase of essential items.

Medical Expense:

Covers emergency medical expenses incurred while traveling; includes emergency dental treatment.

Emergency Medical Transportation:

Covers emergency evacuation and transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility (home in the event of death or if medically required) as well as an escort if deemed necessary.

24-Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance*:
24-hour emergency telephone assistance hotline provided by Travel Guard to help with travel-related emergencies ranging from cash transfer, legal, dental, or medical referral, lost travel documents assistance as well as medical consultation and monitoring

Q. Are the benefits listed per insured or per booking?

A. The benefits listed are the total per booking. For example if the insured purchased travel insurance coverage for a trip costing a total of $2,000, this would be the maximum reimbursement allowable under trip cancellation or interruption for that booking.

Q. Will my current homeowners, renters, credit card, or health insurance policies cover me during my trip?

A. Other insurance policies may not offer coverage while you travel due to benefit limits, territory restrictions, and deductibles. Most people don't have any insurance coverage at all if they must cancel their trip. This travel insurance plan has a wide range of travel benefits, which credit card, homeowners, and renter’s insurance policies most likely do not offer. The medical coverage included in the travel insurance plan is especially beneficial for people whose health insurance policies do not pay for covered medical expenses incurred outside of the United States (e.g., Medicare, certain HMO's, etc.)

Q. I know that I have a pre-existing medical condition; will the plan cover me?

A. Even if you have a pre-existing medical condition you should still consider purchasing the travel insurance plan because we will waive the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion if you are enrolling in the plan and pay for it within 14 days of your initial deposit. So long as you are medically able to travel at time of purchase, waiving the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is the easiest way to alleviate doubt as to coverage for chronic medical conditions. There are some conditions that are not covered by the policy such as anxiety-related mental or nervous disorders. Please see the Exclusions section of the Description of Coverage to view the exclusions and the conditions not covered.

Q. One of the reasons listed under trip cancellation is “unforeseen sickness, injury or death of an insured or immediate family member”. What is the definition of an immediate family member?

A. The family member definition includes: a traveling companion, and the insured’s or traveling companion’s spouse, child, spouse’s child, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, step-brother, step-sister, step-parents, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, legal guardian, or legal ward. It also means the insured’s business partner. (Business Partner means someone who is involved with the Insured or the Insured’s Traveling Companion in a legal partnership and is actively involved in the daily management of the business.)

Q. What if I need transportation due to medical reasons and I am unable to get prior authorization from the Travel Guard Assistance service?

A. We always instruct our insureds to contact local medical services during an emergency for immediate medical attention, or evacuation if necessary, and then notify Travel Guard as soon as is reasonably possible. Payment arrangements for your evacuation will depend on the nature of your particular situation and should be discussed with Travel Guard.

Q. Is there help while I'm traveling?

A. One of the valued services offered along with the insurance is the 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Service. Travel Guard is a leader in this field. With Travel Guard Assistance, you have access to the services of a highly trained, multi-lingual staff around the clock to assist you with such emergencies as cash transfers, lost documents, medical or legal monitoring, or referrals. They are also equipped to respond in many unexpected circumstances. If an emergency should arise during your trip, call Travel Guard Assistance immediately and give the details of your problem or medical emergency.

Q. When is the latest the insurance can be purchased?

A. This insurance can be purchased up until the final trip payment is made or 30 days prior to arrival, whichever comes first.

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