Health insurance is compulsory during your stay in France. Whatever the length of your stay or your academic status, it is essential that you are covered by an insurance for your health expenses. The type of health protection you choose will depend on your situation.

ü If you are a citizen of the European Union

If you wish to keep on being covered by the social security system of your home country, you must apply for the « European medical insurance card ». You must enquire about the matter in your home country. EU exchange students will hand a copy of this card to the International office.

You may also benefit from French student health cover (see detailed information below).

ü If you are NOT a citizen of the European Union and that you are staying over three months in France you must be affiliated to the social security system. And if you are a citizen of the European Union you can be affiliated to the French student social security system.

It will cost you about 195 €/year. Requirements: your stay lasts at least three months and you are less than 28 years old on October 1st of the current academic year. In that case, you will be given a social security number, once you have done your academic registration. Subscription will take place during your administrative registration at the Registrar’s Office (Bureau de la scolarité) or at the Doctoral School depending on whether you are a master student or a PhD student. You will be asked to fill in the “Cerfa” form. Shortly afterwards, you will receive your affiliation number. You can choose between the LMDE (http://www.lmde.com/lmde/default.asp) and SMEREP (http://www.smerep.fr/html-fr/home-portail.html). You can find information in several languages on their respective web site.

Citizens outside of the Schengen Zone must have an insurance for minimum 30 000 € and take out a “repatriation insurance” to their home country in order to apply for a visa.

ü If your stay does not exceed three months, or If you wish to be covered by a private insurance (European students and Non-European students)

Foreign students staying in France for less than three months must take out on private account a health insurance and cannot benefit from the CMU (Couverture Maladie Universelle), or from the student health insurance. You may ask your insurance company in your home country for an extension of your health cover to France or you may take out an insurance with the SEM in complementary or complete mode for one duration of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 months (1 month = 60 euros in complementary mode, 144 euros in complete mode). For any additional information on the prices Tel.: 01 56 54 36 36/ sem.m@mgen.fr.

ü If you are over 28 and that your stay lasts minimum 1 month

You cannot benefit from French student social security. You can take out an insurance with:

« Assistance étudiants »

8 rue Armand Moisan, 75015 Paris

Tel : 01 40 47 91 00


Once you have spent three months in France, you may go to the Department of Health Office - Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) closest to your residence in order to subscribe. You will find the details of the CPAM closest to you on the following website : http://www.ameli.fr/assures/annuaires

Nota bene: The French student health insurance does not cover your health expenses 100%. It is therefore recommended that you take out an additional health insurance. There are two principal student additional health insurances in France, the SMEREP and the LMDE. When you register at the Registrar’s Office or at the Secretariat of the Doctoral School please request the application form.

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